Before and After 360 Degree Tour Of Resin Driveway in Cheshire!

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Most would admit it’s pretty hard to comprehend something which you’ve never actually seen before…

Since around 90% of the population have never even heard about Resin Bound Stone before, you’re one of the 10% who may know the name, but potentially not what it actually is!

Do you know how it works? What it’s made of? Why it’s taking over as the most desirable surfacing solution of the 21st Century?

If you don’t, it’s no surprise… We here at Cheshire Bound Stone plan to educate, inform and inspire our readers not just on Resin Bound Stone surfacing, but on your Home, Exterior Design, and ways in which you can improve your general wellbeing.

Many Home Owners are torn between various surfacing options for their driveways, and often the reason that Resin Bound Stone isn’t chosen 10 out of 10 times is down to lack of information.

This is where we want to help… Take a stand in the middle of this driveway of this beautiful home in Bowdon and spin around whilst you want it turn from tarnished tarmac to a radiant Resin Driveway…




Now you’ve literally stepped in to the picture, you can sense and see the improvement that having a Resin Bound Stone overlay on your drive can do!

Installations are completed within a day; just imagine the transformation your very own house could undertake within the next 24 hours!

13708344_851097211701843_3146667430228392277_o 13735537_851097878368443_1594298835754797676_o

An undeniable home improvement to the bright side of life!

So now you want to find out how much is costs?

Well, drop us an email for a Complimentary Design Consultation and Alex will come and measure up your property to provide you will a full comprehensive breakdown.


It’s that easy!

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