How Much Does Resin Bound Stone Cost….

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How Much Does Resin Bound Stone Cost….

The main holdback of any home improvement plan, is the financial implication…

Sometimes it can be nigh impossible to get a straight answer when it comes to money:


“How much does it cost?” 

“Well that depends on X, Y and Z…”


When all you want is a rough estimate to know if you’re even in the same book, let alone on the same page; it can get a little frustrating to never hear the actual facts and figures.

This is another reason why we at Cheshire Bound Stone, are different.

We believe that there is zero point in trying to mask the facts and waste both parties’ time if, at the end of the day, it’s simply out of budget.

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How Much Does Resin Bound Stone Cost….

  • Price per metre

UV non-stable from £40 per metre to UV stable from £45/50 per metre.

  • Sub base build-up

Full dig outs vary dependent on the depth in which you need to lay the foundation. If you need a strong secure base for heavy domestic traffic, you’ll be looking at the higher end of the range beginning between £120-£150.

how much does resin bound stone cost

If you want to take a closer look at the specs for sub-base build ups to assess which you may be requiring, click here.

Why It Costs What It Costs

With the cost of materials pretty high, there isn’t a great deal of opportunity to cut it lower without starting to cut corners.

Some companies:

  • Water down the resin which means the aggregate simply wears away, causing potholes and balding.
  • Don’t establish or provide a secure base, enabling the resin layer to shift. This results in cracking, potholing and bulbing.
  • Haven’t UV stabilised their samples, leading the resin of the aggregate to turn a yellowish colour in the sun. Unsightly!
  •  Apply a thinner layer of Resin Bound Stone to reduce the overall cost – which simply means you’re being ripped off. And that over time, it’ll wear away a lot easier and faster.


Fair Pricing

We’re openly not going to be the very cheapest quote, but we are the fairest price.

How much does Resin Bound Stone cost? It costs pretty much the same to every provider of the product, the difference is how they lay it.

Resin Bound Stone Manchester


We work together with our Landscape Gardening company Beauscape, and together we provide an Exterior Design service.

It’s not just about putting the product down, it’s about re-imagining your outdoor area and providing you with a brand new external living space. One you will be proud of, and one your neighbours will envy!


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