How To Improve The Appearance Of Your Home!

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How To Improve The Appearance Of Your Home!

We’ve all heard the theories on Feng Shui and how removing the clutter can significantly improve your mental wellbeing.

But what about the outside of your house? What steps and procedures could or should we follow to enhance our everyday lives?

We here at CBS investigated How to improve the appearance of your home…


  • Choose the colour for your house based on harmonising the elements which surround you


If you live out in the countryside, you should pick colours which suit the nature surrounding it. For more urban locations; it’s better that you produce a colour which blends all of the elements together. The block of flats and the park, or the neighbour’s house and your rose bushes…

Whatever you have surrounding you and your home, utilise and use this to find harmony with a fresh lick of paint – it’s surprising what even this can do!

  • Create a strong front door

How To Improve The Appearance Of Your Home

There should be nothing blocking the way in to your home; no plants, bicycles, rubbish bins, shoes – nothing.

Preferably any pathway leading directly to the door should snake like the flow of water rather than sharply angling its way in! The colour of the door should also balance with the colour of your home and, any other close by elements which appear surrounding it.

  •  Creating a haven


Image result for secret garden

Having that little space where you can go and sit and breathe in the outdoors is vital to mental wellbeing. As humans, we were never supposed to spend the entirety of our lives cooped up inside. Making an areas where you can sit comfortably and soak up some of the potential (and rare) sun’s rays will make you feel more inclined to more frequently and you will begin to notice and appreciate the way the endorphins make you feel.

  • Keep large trees a good few paces back from any windows


It can be aesthetically quite pleasant to watch a tree change through the season from the sanctuary of your home; but what you’re also allowing the tree to do, is block light and air movement directly in to your home. The fundamental structural implications can also become threatened the larger the tree and its roots grow!

  • Remove rubble


Any piles of stone and dirt, or old junk which you’ve been intending to get rid of , but are yet to do so (even though it’s been years) are and will impose on the lightness of your mind. Having any tasks or unfinished business always prays on your mind – no matter how subconsciously that is.

  • Let the land provide


Living off the land can be one of the most rewarding and therapeutic past-times. Obviously we don’t mean living off it entirely in this circumstance; but if you have a greenhouse or a vegetable patch and you can grow your own vegetables – or even herbs – you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction and purpose that you can never achieve internally.

The most important thing about the great outdoors is to be in it! We are animals after all, and no animal likes to be caged up!

* Bonus Number 7 * 

cheshire driveways


Sometimes the depletion of our outdoor areas can go unnoticed.

Weeds growing through the path, moss covered fence and cracked driveways. By applying a bit of TLC to these areas, you can renovate the entire feel of your home.

For a driveway which stays pretty much perfectly pristine with no weeding, cracking, puddles or sinking – check out what we can do for you with Resin Bound Stone Driveways.

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