Making Your House A Home

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Manchester Resin Driveways

The amount of driveways that are left to disarray makes us very sad here at Cheshire Bound Stone.

As we drive from client to client, we can’t help but look around the neighbourhood and see the potential in each and every house.

Beautiful houses with gorgeous architecture and lovely families living there. But one thing almost all of them have in common is an unsightly driveway; cracked and potholed tarmac or concrete, dispersed gravel, sinking slabs and weed sprouting block paving. It’s such a shame that your home’s potential is restricted by your choice of surfacing.

Making Your House A Home

One of the best things about Manchester Resin Driveways is that you can colour match to your property! No more 50 shades of grey surrounding you, your house, the sky the ground and your mood – but a vast array of  unique and personalised aggregate options.

The same feeling you get when you freshly paint a room can be achieved permanently when you chose a Resin Driveway for your home in Manchester or Cheshire with Cheshire Bound Stone.

manchester resin driveways

Just look at a small proportion of the potential driveways you could have! It certainly stops you being bored about walking, or parking on your driveway ever again!

Now, if you had ANY doubts, just take a look at some of the dreary old driveways we’ve gone to quote in the Before’s below compared to the After’s and how light, bright and perfectly pristine they are!













There really is no way you can deny what an incredible product this is.

You can see the transformation AND there’s a 10 year guarantee when your driveways is supplied and installed by us, Cheshire Bound Stone.

This means at the very least, a whole decade of absolute glory!

What are you waiting for? Contact us.

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