We’re Not Just Constructors, We’re Exterior Designers!

Resin Bound Stone Designers

It’s easy to paint people with the same brush, but you should always give them the chance to prove what they’re made of!

Just imagine closing the door on something which you hadn’t given the chance to unleash their full potential; what a mistake that would be…

There are Resin Bound Stone installers, and there are Resin Bound Stone Designers, we’re the latter!

How We Design

Laying Resin Bound Stone is reasonably straight forward, but making it tie in with the architecture of your home and the landscaping of your garden is a completely different matter.

That’s where we come in!

We’re not just a Resin Bound Stone company, we are a Landscape Design company too – it’s called – Beauscape. 

Beauscape and Cheshire Bound Stone

So what we do, is work together…

Our guys (and girl) are pretty creative, and when we visit a property or place we let our imagination run free to help you visualise the full extent of what you could have for your home.

Within your Complimentary Design Consultation, we can show you the possibilities which we can provide for you; then tailor this to exactly what you were personally wanting for the space!

We Design

Most other Resin Bound Stone companies in and around this area seem mostly interested in quantity – Cheshire Bound Stone are all about quality!

We’d rather draw up designs and give our clients the most phenomenal outdoor living area possible, than just resurface the driveways and leave thinking how much better the area could look if it had:

  • Colour matched the driveway to the home.
  • Included edgings which further flatter the architecture of your property.
  • Lighting to emphasise the beauty of your garden at night.
  • Decking or a patio for fun family and social gatherings.
  • A fire pit so you don’t have to hide away in the winter.
  • A lawn to bask on in the summer.




We don’t just slop a substance down, we take great pride and extreme pleasure in making sure every single step we take with your home is so further enhance its beauty and purpose. Plus, the added bonus is that it puts the price of your property right up too!

Call us…

… if you care about your home!

Resin Bound Stone Designers

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