Resin Bound Stone Cost

Resin Bound Stone Cost

Resin Bound Stone Cost.

the cost of resin bound stone

The cost of Resin Bound Stone is obviously the defining factor as to whether or not you and your family would invest in it.

You may be thinking that it sounds too good to be true, so the catch must be that it’ll cost you a re-mortgaged house? You’d be entirely mistaken.

Resin Bound Stone is actually cheaper than Tarmac, Cement, Block Paving, Cobblestone, Flagstone… in actual fact, it is THE cheapest surfacing option.


Well it comprises of just the small decorative Aggregate stones and the Polyurethane (Resin).



It can be installed directly over your existing worn out driveway and 99% of the time, is completed in a day.

This overlay costs from £50 a metre.

The only condition is that your existing driveway must be of a stable condition. A stable Driveway would be one which has varying sub-base build ups.

Ideally you’d have compact grit salt under either Cement, Tarmac, Block Paving or Flagstone; then we could provide you with a brand new Resin Bound Stone overlay in your choice of colour.

Sub-Base Build Up

If you have an un-stable base, don’t worry, we can do the dig-out for you.

To ensure that you have a Resin Bound Stone Driveway which will hopefully outlive your abiding (and at least 10 years of full-guarantee); we provide two immensely strong layers which will make it practically indestructible.

 Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 13.17.20

This is an extremely easy process, which takes very little time and that we have an incredible amount of experience with.

It’s just three simple steps. Dig down, Compact Grit Salt, Lay Tarmac – easy!

As soon as it’s dried, the Resin Bound Stone can be laid directly on top.

Since the Resin bonds the aggregate together and down; it will form with the sub-base build ups to create an immensely strong Driveway.

The cost of the sub-bases and Resin Bound Stone starts from £100 per square metre.

Resin Bound Stone

Both of these prices include edgings to separate your driveway from its surrounds in an aesthetically pleasing, and architecturally complimentary manner.

See, Resin Bound Stone is not just the best surfacing option that has been developed in the last few hundred years – it’s the cheapest!

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Complimentary Design Consultation

If you want to find out exactly how much it will cost you and your home, give Alex a call and he can come and visit to measure up! Plus provide you with a Complimentary Design Consultation where he can talk you through various different sample options and potential Landscaping amendments to ensure you get the very best from your investment.

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the cost of resin bound stone

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