Where To Get Christmas Trees In Manchester

Where To Get Christmas Trees In Manchester

Where To Get Christmas Trees In Manchester

It’s that time of year again! Again, again…

But we for one, are totally excited to get the Christmas tree!

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Every year, we’ve been on the hunt to find the best deal and bushiest boughs of a real Christmas Tree.

So we’ve comprised a list of the top 3 places for you to choose from…

Top 3 Places To Get Your Tree

1. Ivy Cottage Tree Farm

  1. Wilmslow, Cheshire

  • They have the very hard to come by Traditional Norwegian Spruce’s!
  • There’s a cute little shop packed with gorgeous Christmas decorations and gift options. 
  • You can even go and pick your own from the forest and come back to collect it when you’re ready.


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They’re a family business which begun in 1983!

2. Khawaja Brothers Mini Market

Chorlton, Manchester

  • If you buy a tree from them, you can choose to get either a free pizza or kebab with it!
  • They had 120 Christmas trees stolen from them last year, so they deserve all the festive spirit this year. 
  • They’re always in really good spirits for standing out on the street for 14 hours a day, regardless of the weather!

Great for non-drivers….

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3. Cheshire Reindeer Lodge

So this is all a bit epic, and one for the kids for sure!


  • Meet & Feed the Reindeer
  • Funtastic Santa’s Grotto
  • Elf Christmas Stage Show
  • Reindeer talks
  • Traditional Fun Fair rides
  • Reindeer & Sleigh photos
  • Souvenir Santa photos
  • Festive Drinks and Snacks
  • Candy and gift shop


Reindeer Lodge, Cheshire Oaks, Chester.

Real Christmas Trees or Fake Ones?

Having a real Christmas Tree is the environmentally sustainable choice.

Trees turn Carbon Dioxide from the air and turn it into Oxygen.

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A real tree, once harvested and enjoyed at Christmas can be returned to us for recycling (as wood chippings) or burnt as firewood.

Either option is carbon neutral and has minimum impact on the environment. For every tree harvested another tree is always planted.

Did you know an artificial tree is produced using chemicals, is often shipped from the far side of the world and can take 100 years in a landfill site to bio-degrade. A real tree makes environmental sense! And let’s face it, they’re just so much prettier!

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You’re allowed to put it up in 7 days, so go get it!

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Where To Get Christmas Trees In Manchester

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