Bramhall Lane South, Bramhall

A popular place for the projects we complete is Bramhall, the following house was located on Bramhall lane south in Bramhall. The project was completed with a tarmac base to be laid to support the resin bound surface which was to be laid on top. The total area spanned 466m² which is a very large area and took our full workforce to be able to finish within a short space of time. The stone itself was to be laid with a thickness of 18mm in a colour to be confirmed by the client before the resin surface could be laid. The Colour chosen by the client was the 39 non UV stable.


  • Client: Private Client
  • Area Covered: 466m²

Material Colour

Colour 39 non Uvsta


resin bound stone
Bramhall homes
resin bound driveways portfolio 17
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