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Cheshire Driveways

What is it about Cheshire Driveways that makes you envisage homes of splendour and grandeur?

Hilltop After Pics FS-24b

Resin Bound Stone.

Paths always lead somewhere, and Resin Bound Stone Driveways always lead to a phenomenal property.

Not because they are expensive, not because only those in Cheshire could afford them; but because they are the only permanently pristine surfacing option which won’t let you down.

A Driveway To Be Proud Of

If you have a property you are proud of, the last thing you want is to invest in a driveway which is ultimately going to let you down. Whether that be with weeds, algal bloom, cracks, sinking, potholing, puddles etc – it’s all very unsightly!

You need a Cheshire Driveway you an be proud of… A Resin Bound Stone Driveway!


Resin Bound Stone – The Driveway Of Cheshire.

Why Cheshire Loves Resin Bound Stone

Resin Bound Stone is the only development in Driveway Technology in well over 100 years.

It is also a development which has been created in order to solve problems.

All of the previous Driveway problems have been solved by the Science of this substance.

Resin Bound Stone Manchester

Driveway Disasters Be Gone

resin bound stone

No More Puddles 

The porous upper layer and the drainage system mean that surface water simply dissipates away!

No Cracking

The flexibility of the Polyurethane means that there’s a bit of give in the Resin upper level, which stops extreme pressure from cause cracks. It moves with it.

No Sinking

There’s 3 layers all together with the sub-base build ups. They’re dug down deep and packed down tight. You could park tonnes and tonnes of weight on top and it’d never sink.

No Weeds

Again, due to the sub-base build ups, Resin Bound Stone is practically impenetrable. The only issue may be if there are large trees growing near by, there can be root damage over the years.

No Potholing

Additionally the flexibility and strength of the Resin mean that the gravel can not work away from itself.

The Driveway Of The Future

When you know how much easier something can make your life, why would you choose to make it harder?

Or more expensive?

You can get all of this WITH a 10 Year Guarantee!


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It’s the only smart decision you can make for your Driveway…

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