Resin Bound Stone Driveways

Resin bound stone driveways are now an affordable and stylish option for homeowners and developer alike.  Using only the best polyurethane resin and a mix of natural stones, they can enhance the appearance and value of your home.  We can ensure that your surrounding gardens and pathways blend together to form a coherent and beautifully landscaped driveway and garden.

Cheshire Bound Stone can work with you to create your perfect, beautiful outdoor space by combining our expertise in resin bound stone and landscaping. We offer a free design consultation and quote, and a guaranteed end product.

There are so many benefits to resin bound driveways:

low maintenance

Resin bound driveways are virtually maintenance free, they require no weeding, de-mossing or repointing.


The polyurethane resin offers increased durability and flexibility to allow for movement which will prevent cracking. Resin driveways are three times stronger than most tarmac wearing courses and concrete surfaces.


The porous nature of a resin driveway allows for natural self-drainage, meaning no more puddles.


Our choice of mixed aggregate colours is endless, we can also match your property’s stonework

UV stable

Allowing you to experience the consistent timeless beauty of natural stone, without the problems of loose chips.


The resin surface is porous, with no slipping in icy weather.

No planning permission

Unlike traditional stone and block paving options, resin driveways require no planning permission

10year guarantee

We offer a 10 year guarantee on our workmanship.

Structure and base

The composition of resin bound stone is simple; natural stone bound together with a premium polyurethane resin.  The exact composition, ratio of aggregates, resin percentage, mixing process, thickness etc. have been carefully devised and tested to ensure their stability and long-term performance.

The underlying base build up is different for each project and as with all construction; strength comes from building up in progressive layers.  We have a range of 29 unique resin bound stone samples to choose from, or we can make a bespoke colour to complement your property.

We have spent more than £20,000 on strength testing and UV degradation assessments with a top UK polyurethane supplier to ensure our samples are durable and true to life.


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