Resin Bound Stone Samples

Resin Bound Stone Samples

We pride ourselves on our samples.

Having spent over £20,000 on strength testing and UV degradation, along with the top Polyurethane supplier in the UK; we have the best Resin Bound Stone Samples around.

If you are an Architect or 3D Modeler you will find below our most popular colours that we have had made into seamless tiles to assist you in creating you 3D models for photo realistic renders.

The colour and texture has been generated by the actual mix and colour of aggregate to give a true representation from the virtual model to the finished building.

We have provided 2 versions of each created in 2 different lighting conditions (5000k Sunny and 6500k Shaded) to suit the mood of your 3D render. Each photo jpeg is covers an area of 120mm X 120mm to give true aggregate size for your renders.

We are currently in the lab creating our very own brand new product range for you to choose from.

Once they’re all ready and neatly packaged up, we’ll photograph them and put them up here for you to see!

If you were looking for something that you can’t see, don’t worry – we can custom make you a sample to match your home – or your taste!