Resin Bound Stone From The Sky…

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Resin Bound Stone From The Sky…

Resin Bound Stone Manchester.

Drones have been on the scene for a while now.

We’re beginning to see more and more of what our World looks like to a bird, from the sky.

Image result for birds eye view

With the eyes in the air, there’s a whole new perspective of your home available to the World.

Shape Up Or Ship Out

Though there are laws and regulations against flying over people’s homes and filming… it doesn’t seem to be stopping the Public.

Especially when you can get a Video Drone for as little as £64.97!

ProFlight Ranger Go-Pro Action Camera Drone - Black Friday

The time has come to prep your home for the sky, or install some air-blinds.

How To Shape Up Your Home

We’ve been working hard to install a whole range of Resin Bound Stone Driveways to up the ante for air bound photographs!

Just take a look at some of these made-up properties…

Hilltop After Pics FS-47 (1)b

The Aesthetics of Architecture

Manchester Resin Bound Stone

Don’t they look just perfect?!

There Are Eyes Everywhere

Generally when you see something for the first time, it has the biggest impression.

If a guest comes to your home, they will notice that dead patch of grass, or pothole in your drive….

Once you’ve seen it a few times, you become adjusted to it and it no longer bears any significance.

Resin Bound Stone Manchester

But Don’t You Want To Give Off A Good First Impression?

It’s human nature to desire to be desired.

If you, or your home are falling short, it won’t go unnoticed.

So how do I fix it? 

We offer a Complimentary Design Consultation to every potential client.

It’s non-committal, so there’s no pressure to sign and seal.


Landscape and Resin Bound Stone Designers

We are the only company in the area who are both Landscape and Resin Bound Stone Designers.

With a background in Landscape Design with our Sister Company Beauscape; combined with Cheshire Bound Stone, we can offer you a World of possibility.

We will ensure that not only does your home look great to passers by, to friends and family; but also to prying eyes from the sky!

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 14.39.23

Contact us!


Take a look at some more of our work!contact 

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