About Rubber Surfacing

You’ve all probably seen Rubber surfacing before in playgrounds and school yards, but Cheshire Bound Stone have arrived with innovation in the design…

Since Resin Bound Stone has undergone an immense industry-sweepstake, we just know Rubber Flooring is the next in line.

rubber base build up

Rubber Surfacing: The Benefits  

Resin Bound Rubber is one of those surfacing solutions which puts all the others to shame.

  • 100% recycled rubber! Very eco-friendly.
  • Virtually zero maintenance.
  • Seamless installation with no joints to attend to with constant gardening.
  • Highly resistant to wear, tear and heavy feet.
  • Porous, rainwater dissipates and disappears.

Rubber Surfacing Manchester

Rubber Surfacing Manchester: What is it? 

To put it simply, it is crumbs of recycled rubber bound together by polyurethane resin (a kind of natural glue).

The rubber crumb mainly comprises of recycled tyres, which means that old ones no longer have to end up in landfill. Dependent on the colour of your choice of surfacing, the composite can be sourced from different products.

sub-base build up

Why Choose it?

The samples are available in a vast array of colours and be placed in endless patterns whilst applied to almost any area to make a seamless, smooth, and stunning surface.

Rubber crumb is the ideal surfacing solution for those who tend to have a slightly more clumsy way about life; or for those who may have some Health and Safety issues! If you fall a lot, or have a tendency to drop everything – rubber is the way for you!

Manchester Resin Bound Stone

Cheshire Bound Stone: The Experts

Rubber surfaces are an option unknown to many, so don’t worry if you’re still confused about anything – that’s what we’re here for.

There are very few rubber installation companies in and around the areas of Manchester and Cheshire, as it’s only just beginning to become widely available for the general public as an option.

With our experience, a director who has been intertwined with the industry for over ten years and a designer who knows their magnolia from their egg shell; we ensure you the safest, easiest and most outstanding result of all.

We like to make the process as easy as possible for you, it’s as simple as getting us around for a cup of tea and having a quick chat about the area you have in mind.


Just give us a call and see for yourself!


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