About Resin Bound Stone

Resin Bound Stone has been around for over twenty years, but it is only recently that resin technology has advanced sufficiently. Now it has become an affordable option for homeowners and developers!

 Since the turn of the century, polyurethanes have taken over and and they offer terrific properties. These include; increased durability, flexibility to allow for movement which prevents cracking, and stronger bonding.

Most importantly, there has been a huge reduction of cost, which enabled its introduction to the wider market.

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Resin Bound Stone: The Benefits  

  • Porous surface; bye bye puddles.
  • Virtually maintenance free! Moss and weeds are almost entirely eliminated.
  • There are no joints to require weeding, demossing and repointing.
  • Hugely durable; three times stronger than most tarmac wearing courses.
  • Timeless beauty of natural stone, without the problems of loose stone.


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Resin Bound Stone: The Structure and Base

Resin Bound Stone is made up of a very simple composition. There are just two components, natural stone and polyurethane resin.

Due to this, we carefully devised and tested the precise composition to ensure the stability and long term performance.

Additionally, the aggregate size and ratio,percentage of resin and mixing process was painstakingly devised.

Each base build up is different for every project, as with all construction; strength comes from building up in progressive layers.

In addition, you can find detailed base build-up information here.

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Cheshire Bound Stone: The Experts

As many clients Resin surfaces are new to many of our clients and we are here to make the process clear, concise and simple.

Noteworthily, no Resin installation companies can claim to have our experience! Cheshire Bound Stone have been involved in the industry for over ten years, with a team of installers who have been with us for many of those years.

Consequently, we like to make the process as simple as possible. Which means we assess the project, give clear advice and detailed written pricing, and follow the contract to the letter.

Furthermore, all of our products are strength tested, all of our employees are trained, accredited and competent.

Seems simple? Why shouldn’t it be, you’re in the hands of a company that both knows and cares about the product and our clients requirements!

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