Resin Driveways, Altrincham

Have you seen what everyone has been doing in their driveways and gardens in Altrincham recently? That stuff which looks like gravel but stays in place perfectly all the time?

That’s Resin Binding. It’s the future!

Since its recent arrival in to the industry, it is becoming quite obvious that there simply is no other choice…

Previously there has been a decision to make for your exterior surfacing between paving, gravel, patios, decking etc and sure each of these look great, initially, but time and weathering soon take effect and quickly you’re left with an outdoor area which looks like it needs work. Again.

This is why Resin Bound Stone is a revolution in Design which comes with a 10 year guarantee from us – unheard of in this day and age! That is how sure we are that you will love it, just like all of our previous clients who have seen the light already.

It makes life easier and cleaner with no upkeep and generic, mundane issues of the past like dealing with weeds or puddles…

Give us a call or email for a design quote and you’ll soon see the light too.