Resin Driveways Bowdon

Resin Driveways Bowdon

It’s starting to crop up everywhere as the country catches up with the smartest surface decision you’ll ever make.

When compared to the likes of other exterior surfacing options there’s no contest for value and worth.

Why It’s Taking Over Cheshire

Areas like Bowdon, in the South of Manchester have homes to set your benchmark to.

These luxurious estates have seen the sense in Resin Bound Stone.

New laid paving and flags can look great, when they’ve first been installed… but in next to no time general wear and tear can start to make them look old and drab and this in turn cheapens the value of your home.

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Not Resin Bound Stone.

This immense product adds value to your property as it is just so indestructibly perfect.

Why Resin Bound Stone Is The Next Big Thing

There’s no other option which can offer you this…

  • Resin Bound Driveways don’t need any upkeep.
  •  They’re UV stabilised to protect them from sun damage.
  • There’s no loose stones to slip out of place.
  • Weeds can’t penetrate it.
  •  The top level has a flexible upper layer to ensure that cracking from heavy loads (or extreme and unlikely extreme hot and cold spells) is avoided.


Watch Whilst It Takes Over

Now you know about it, you’re going to start seeing it everywhere.

What are you waiting for?

Get our in-team Landscape Gardener and Designer down to provide you with a free design quote to bring your Home up to the value it deserves.

There’s zero obligation. We’re happy in the knowledge that many of our clients have an initial testing the water phase.

We’re also very satisfied in the realisation that practically all of the homes we visit opt in for their quotation.

manchester resin bound stone

Whilst it’s the most sensible option for sure, it is also the cheapest.

This is the defining point!

Contact Us. 

There’s really no reason not to.