Resin Driveways Bramhall

Resin Driveways Bramhall

There’s not doubt why Resin Bound Driveways are making a breakthrough to all the elite areas of Cheshire..


Bramhall has been taken in a way that can only be described as a domineering craze….

The knowledge of the imminent outdoor seasons and additional attention to exterior areas and gardens has left no home un-compromised in the area.

Why Resin Bound Stone

Look around and you’ll see that people’s driveways have started to look neater, nicer and brighter – permanently!

resin driveways bramhall

This is due to the fact that Resin Bound Stone doesn’t perish or deplete with time.

 Additionally, it actually adds value to your home.


Thus, the innovative technique has seen the likes of all the high-flying home owners in the area rushing to get their driveways modernised and brought up to scratch.

What Is Resin Bound Stone

ALSO Resin Bound Stone:


  •  Traction for a non-skid surface
  • Has a flexible upper layer that allows for a bit of movement under heavy loads
  • Is malleable to extreme temperatures
  • Porous, so drains naturally and no puddles form
  • Can be laid straight over your existing driveway
  • Weeds can’t penetrate it
  • It is UV-stabilised
  • Eco-friendly!
  • Permanently Pristine

The 10 year guarantee is the icing on the cake of Resin Binding, we sign it with our seal of approval so highly that we just know you’re going to love it.


Why Cheshire Bound Stone

We are the only company in the area who have an in-team Designer and Landscape Gardener.

 This means we can guide and advise your with your own requests and requirements to the most incredible result.

resin bound stone flooring

Not only do we have all the background knowledge and expertise of Resin Bound Stone. But we also have nearly 10 years of experience in Exteriors, Gardens, Landscaping and Exterior Design.

So we can ensure you and your home have all options covered!


Contact us and we’ll come visit your property to bring you up to Bramhall standards!