Resin Driveways Cheadle Hulme

Resin Driveways Cheadle Hulme

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Have you ever felt envious at other people’s homes? Do you look at your driveway with disappointment? You’re not alone.

The stunning homes of Cheadle Hulme are starting to look even more regal, if it were possible….

And this is because of one simple yet innovative renovation – Resin Bound Stone.

Resin Bound Stone

Don’t the driveways look incredible? All neatly laid and sealed in an amazing array of colours to suit each estate? With Cheshire Bound Stone, you can pick from our huge UV-stabilised sample collection, or we can custom create a colour especially for you and your home.

A modern, slick and awe-inspiring method which will up the price on your property, reduce all maintenance to null and continue the journey of jealousy throughout your neighbourhood!

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Why Does Cheadle Hulme LOVE Resin Bound Stone For Their Driveways?

That’s pretty simple.

Granted, block paving and paving slabs do look exquisite when first laid, but it depletes in to a catastrophic mess within just a few months. Especially through Summer when weeds and algae are rife!

Just look what a mess this block-paved driveway was in before it was made-up with Resin Bound Stone…

The sheer force of nature is something almost nothing can contend with. That was, until Resin Bound Stone was developed.

We offer a guarantee which will assure that the surface is “as laid’ for at least the next 10 years!

That means: no weeds, no cracking, no sinking, no loose gravel AND no puddles.

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It really is a Driveway which dreams are made of.

The Odd One Out In the Area

Since Resin Bound Stone has just started to hit mainstream in the last year or so, the wise have cottoned on.

Hence why Cheadle Hulme are ahead of the game with it already.

Do you want to be on your hands and knees pulling out weeds whilst your neighbours walk on by? Walk on by on their weedless Resin Bound Stone Driveway???


Nobody wants to be the house on the street with the worst drive, don’t let it be you – give us a call or email for a complimentary design quote to make sure of it!

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