Resin Driveways Didsbury

Resin Driveways Didsbury

Everyone from Manchester knows about Didsbury; the bars, the restaurants, the trending way of life.

This is why the people who live there are already on to the next big thing in Exterior Design – Resin Bound Stone Driveways.


The Latest Trend

And the forefront of this innovative product is Cheshire Bound Stone; a team who pride themselves on stepping away from the mainstream and bringing something different to the market.

It’s not just about slopping the substance down; any cowboy can do that.

It’s about applying it in a way in which improves your outdoor lifestyle.


Cheshire Bound Stone

Not only do we apply, but we design.

We have an in-team Designer and Landscape Gardener who will come and take a look at your home in order to derive the best possible way to utilise the space; with your input of course.

We can help create a brand new and unique colour to suit your individual taste, plus ensure that what we bring you is a brand new outdoor living space, cultivated and procured for your interactive lifestyle.


Revolution Of Resin

It’s taken over 100 years to produce a surface which can solve all of our problems. Not just some of them.

Resin Bound Stone Has NO:

  • Puddles
  • Cracking
  •  Sinking
  • Weeds

Literally it is the surfacing solution for all of our problems past.

Resin Bound Stone Videos

Complimentary Design Consultation

Cheshire Bound Stone offer a little something extra than other Resin Bound Stone installation companies.

We don’t just pop over, measure up and give you a quote.

We offer a Complimentary Design Consultation.

We’ll talk you through the various pallets and landscaping options which could improve your lifestyle AND your property’s value!

All of this for free, with no obligation!

resin bound stone samples

Cheshire Bound Stone are here to help you create what you’ve been dreaming of, give us a call or an email and we’ll come and see what we can do for your home.