Resin Driveways Prestbury

Resin Driveways Prestbury.

Prestbury is a beautiful part of the country in Cheshire the South of Manchester which is home to residents who include Wayne Rooney, Paddy McGuinness and Peter Crouch.


It is an area rife with splendour, and the homes are up there as some of the nicest in the whole country.

Homes of which are all beginning to cotton on to the latest in Exterior Design – Resin Bound Driveways.

Resin Driveways Prestbury

Prestbury Homes

With nice cars in the drive; you don’t want a driveway which can damage the paintwork of your car.

Gravel can damage paintwork, paving discolours, sprouts weeds and cracks, and tarmac and concrete puddles and needs constantly replaced to keep it looking good.

What you need is Resin Bound Stone.

Lymm Drive Finished-6

Resin Bound Stone

Waste water drains through it naturally like soil, there’s no loose stones, weeds can’t penetrate it and there’s no upkeep.

Plus, it comes with our very own personalised 10 year guarantee!

That’s how good Resin Bound Stone is, so good it’s taking over the whole Neighbourhood!

Resin Bound Stone Manchester

Why It’s Perfect For Prestbury

There’s nothing like seeing a freshly laid driveway, and this is what Resin Bound Stone looks like 24/7.

As the surface is quite flush, all you need to do is give it a hose down once in a while to keep it looking brand new!

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You don’t want the whole Neighbourhood laughing that you got left behind.

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