Resin Driveways Rochdale

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You know how when you’re walking around town and down roads and you don’t really pay any attention to what you’re walking on? That’s because you’ve become so used to the mundanity of that surface, that it doesn’t even register anymore. It’s automatic.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to walk and take joy with each step? Or at least soak in the beauty of what you’re standing on like you do in snow, on beaches or in water etc.

That is what we are offering you. The feeling of walking on something new and exciting every single day.

Resin Bound Stone isn’t just a surfacing solution; it’s a solution to mundanity. The mundanity of religiously having to weed, repair and replace your existing paths and driveway.

That bleak grey and dirty brown which surrounds our footsteps no longer has to be. Resin Bound Stone comes in such a vast array of colours so that you can pick something to suit you, as a unique individual. Or we can help create one just for you! There’d be no way of losing interest in where you tread ever again.

If you live in Rochdale and you want to reawaken your senses, Cheshire Bound Stone is at your service. Never waste another moment again walking on mundane.