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The yellow brick road is the perfect pathway in which Dorothy bounded to the Wizard of Oz upon. And what was this road made of? Well bricks of course…

And what happens to bricks over time? They grow moss, they crack, they sink, they grow algal bloom. And as a basic upkeep, you need to repoint, weed, scrub, brush away puddles and power wash too.

You’d need at least 20 full time members of staff to work on the yellow brick road to keep it looking like the pathway to a better land!

If they were to re-write that story today, there wouldn’t be a yellow brick road, it would be a yellow resin pathway to heaven.

Once it is laid, there’s almost zero maintenance. It’s permanently pristine with just a little wash every now and again. It is a much more realistic product to put in place to represent a surface of insurmountable fantasy.

But this fantasy can be your reality too. Cheshire Bound Stone provide Resin Bound Stone Driveways and surfacing options in Salford; to give you the journey to Oz every time you go home.

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