Resin Driveways Trafford

What a lot of people don’t know about Resin Bound Stone, is that you need to be careful when selecting your installation company. There are a lot of Cowboys out there who are out for a quick buck and offer competitive or budget quotes in order to simply slop the substance down and disappear.

Make sure you do a good and thorough background check of the company you choose and ask about the procedures they implement for varying existing surfacing conditions. You might find that they have very little to say which should ring alarm bells!

Quality Resin Bound Stone Driveways in Trafford are supplied by Cheshire Bound Stone. Pioneers of the industry, we put a face to our company so that you know who you are letting in to your home.

With a close knit, specialist team, you can put your trust in us. So much so, we ensure a quality job with a 10 year seal of guaranteed approval. That is just how much certainty we have in what we provide for you.

There will be no potholes, no lazy base groundwork, no watering down the resin and no weak bonding. Just quality. Quality and value for money.