7 Things To Do In Alderley Edge…

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7 Things To Do In Alderley Edge…

Alderley Edge in such a sought after area in Cheshire; here are a few reasons why you win if you live here…

It’s not just the affluence which draws people here. There’s an exclusive vibe which houses many celebrities and born and bred locals. The glamour with the laid back rural vibe really make this place worth visiting for people from all walks of life.

Alderley Edge… so famous there’s a bag named after it!

1. Go For A Walk

Take some time to appreciate the backdrop.

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The dramatic red sandstone escarpment with picturesque views and old copper mines are the stuff of ancient, as well as modern legend.

It is even said that Alderley Edge is the place where King Arthur’s Knights slumber in wait for the day that they will have to defend England.

‘There will come a day when these men awake from their enchanted slumber and will descend the plain, decide the fate of a great battle and save their country. This shall happen when George the son of George shall reign.’

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Gold was discovered here in the 190s, but unfortunately for us – none has been found since!

2. The Farmers Market

The Alderley Edge Farmers Market is on the second Sunday of every month and runs from 9am till 1pm.

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Ideal for getting all the freshest, organic and wholesome ingredients to cook the perfect Sunday Lunch for you and your family.

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There’s generally quite a few celebrities mulling around to be spotted too, so you might want to dress for the occasion!

3. G. Wienholt

This is a place worthy of its location! The glorious and independent store which stocks Fine Wine, Fresh Food and is also a Bakery…

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There’s a past of over 5 generations of Bakers!

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It’s one of the Jigsaw pieces of the community’s heart and not to be missed.

4. Lunch

The restaurants here are just sublime.

Having a day of mooching? Tie it in with sampling any of the gorgeous menus at:

Alderley Edge Hotel and Restaurant

 Image result for Alderley Edge Hotel and Restaurant

Alderley Bar and Grill 

Image result for Alderley Edge bar and grill

The Grill on the Edge

Image result for the grill on the edge

Loch Fyne 

Image result for loch fyne restaurant


Image result for gusto alderley edge

You could be eating out for months!

5. The Yard On The Edge

Incorporating a Butchers, Bakery, Juice Bar, Delicatessen, Green Grocers and Events Space…

Need you need more?

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Well you can have it! The family-run business has been incredibly inventive with a combination of events and foods.


Cookery Classes

Bread Making Workshops

Film Nights

Acoustic Music Sessions

Open Mic/ Poetry/ Comedy 

Themed Supper Clubs

Image result for The Yard on the Edge alderley edge

They really are spoiling you.

6. Shopping

There are a lot of independent Boutiques where you know you’ll pick up a one off beauty to the envy of all your friends.

Rocca Boutique, Tuula and… Charity Shops!

 Image result for rocca boutique alderley edge

(Rocca Boutique).

In an affluent area like Alderley Edge, you get all the abandoned Designer labels at a fraction of the cost… Just don’t tell everyone!

Image result for alderley edge envy

There’s also plenty of Salons, Nail Bars and Massage Parlours where you could be rubbing shoulders with the local WAGS and Footballers…

7. Champagne Dinners

Alderley Edge goes hand in hand with sipping Champagne. And what better way to end your hectic day?

The Bubble Room 

Image result for the bubble room alderley edge

The Botanist

Image result for the botanist alderley edge

The Wizard

The Wizard’s Thatch is a 400-year-old cottage, which has been transformed into a hotel.

Other Things To Do In Alderley Edge…

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Things To Do In Alderley Edge

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