Make It Resin Bound Stone, Or Watch It Break!

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When You Can’t Decide What You Want On Your Driveway

Why Choose Resin Bound Stone?

We get so many people mentioning alternate possible Driveway surfaces on our go sees…

“We’re thinking of either Resin Bound Stone, or Flag Stone.”

“Do you do do Block Paving?”

“Would it be cheaper if we just got Tarmac?”

Beau 4

Simply, the answer to all the above is yes.

We have a Landscaping company called Beauscape, and it was due to this that we discovered the delights of Resin Bound Stone…

This in place, enabled us to start Cheshire Bound Stone: the demand for Resin Bound Stone just became so high.

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Which Surfacing Option Should You Choose?

Noteworthy, we suppose, is the fact that our Landscaping company didn’t also branch off to entirely separate Block Paving, Flagstone and Tarmac companies..

Regardless of this, there are a good few fundamental points which should certainly be acknowledged and understood when deciding how to invest your money.

To put it visually…

You Can Say Goodbye To…

Resin Bound Stone2

The issue with every other surfacing option like:

  • Imprinted Concrete
  • Tarmac
  • Flagstone
  • Block Paving
  • Gravel 
  • Cobbles
  • Concrete

…is that each of the above specified problems can be found.

Resin Bound Stone

That is not to say that each of them have every issue identified, but Resin Bound Stone – has none!

These are qualities which can not be related to any other surfacing option!!!

So now you think it’s going to cost you a fortune right?


Beau 23

Resin Bound Stone is also one of the cheapest options around. It’s cheaper than tarmac!

The only reason which you may face additional cost, is if you need to secure the base on which it will be laid.

Otherwise you’re looking at just £50 a square metre!


To fully dig your driveway and secure a solid base – it’s more like £100 a square metre.

A cost which you wouldn’t avoid if you ever chose to get the job done right (regardless of the surfacing option).

10 Year Guarantee!

Just to top things off….

Cheshire Bound Stone guarantee our job will look just as it does the day on installation, for the next decade!

There really isn’t even a choice.

Especially when you can choose what colour you would like it to be too!


Go on, give us a call! 

Or contact us here for a free quote. 


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