Why Resin Bound Stone Is Best For Winter

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Winter Surfacing

Winter Surfacing

January is set to be a cooooold month!

And we all know what that means here in the North, snow and ice and dark, dark days.

It can be difficult to remember the bad in life as it is your mind’s natural defence mechanism for survival.

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January Blues

The difficulty of January with the ice and snow, can make day to day life so taxing, it can feel impossible.

You wake up in the dark and cold with minimum motivation to drag yourself out of bed.

After giving yourself the bare amount of time to make it out the house in a somewhat presentable manner, you get outside to be confronted with the worst; freezing cold snow.

A thickly iced windscreen and a whole fresh layer of snow all over your driveway.

You’re going to be late.

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How To Avoid A Crisis

A common misconception is that Resin Bound Stone is too new to know how well it fairs in Winter.

Well, firstly it has been around for many years (nearly 5 to be exact).

Also it’s an entirely permeable paving solution which allows water to naturally dissipate through the surface.

It meets all of the SUDS standards (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems).

This almost entirely prevents standing water (depending there’s no monsoon). Whilst also rating as the highest surfacing option for damp and water logged homes.

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Resin Bound Stone Versus January

With a Resin Bound Stone driveway, you can be confronted with a very different situation externally to the one on your bad day above.

Not only does the porous nature of Resin Bound Stone aid the reduction of snow collecting, but the immense tractive properties will help your wheels grip in slippy situations.

When it rains and the surface water freezes, you can be left with ice, black ice and a whole lot of problematic predicaments.

Again, not with Resin Bound Stone.

The surface water will now be a thing of the past. This makes it ideal for the elderly and mobility impaired.

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Cheshire Bound Stone

Since it is the shortest day today, we’re on an upward battle with the light.

But Winter is far from over yet!

Additionally, we have a promotion running on Facebook right now, so put your name forward for the beginning of the year and we’ll get you all set up for a surface which will never slip in your estimations.

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